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Heraldisch-Genealogische Gesellschaft ADLER

The Heraldic-Genealogical Society ADLER

englishThe Heraldic-Genealogical Society ADLER is a recognised non-profit scientific association dedicated to the auxiliary historical sciences of heraldry, genealogy, sphragistics, phaleristics and vexillology. The Society maintains the largest private specialised library in Austria with more than 42,000 volumes. National and international journals can be consulted indirectly. Biographical encyclopaedias, schematic court calendars, and address books from Central European countries are a special focus. One million index cards provide access to genealogical tables, family trees, periodicals and individual regional church records; there are also about ½ million death notices (Parten), marriage announcements and death pictures with genealogical references. The archives include collections of coats of arms, collections of original documents (diplomas of nobility, genealogical tables, tables of oaths, etc.), passports, business cards and photographs of epitaphs. There are also the papers of eminent genealogists and heraldists. The 25 collections contain more than 10,000 casts and impressions of seals: featuring emperors, kings, princes, nobles, ecclesiastical and secular personalities and institutions, associations and citizens. They date from Charlemagne (800) to the 20th century. A biographical collection, created in 1960, contains 650 files of alphabetically arranged newspaper clippings, articles, press releases, pictures from newspapers and magazines on public figures. Online access to our collections with indexes is available on our website: www.GesellschaftAdler.org.



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